Sea Reflections

280 kr

Stefan Edman & Tore Hagman

ISBN 9789185815920
Utgiven Juni 2012
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Antal sidor 180
Format 240×258 mm

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THE TEN ÖCKERÖ ISLANDS are situated north of Vinga light and around the corner from Gothenburg. It is a seaweed-scented patchwork of sea and land with glorious scenery and a unique heritage.

One tenth of all professional fishermen in Sweden live in this archipelago. Artists and musicians have been inspired by the magical light and salty beaches. Sports associations, religious communities and eight hundred and fifty large and small enterprises thrive here thanks to a generous measure of idealism and entrepreneurship.

This book is about people in a landscape. Stefan Edman and Tore Hagman are your guides to the southernortnmost archipelago of the Country of Bohuslän where we will be catching crayfish at dawn as well as we meet world-famous stamp engraver Martin Mörck and bold mountaineers, learn about local bred baking traditions and eastern bonfires, the local music scene and mackerel tourism, the Acquavit and the notorious smuggler baron Bremer – not only that, we will be looking towards the future!