Northern light – From Dawn to Dusk

Roger Olsson text
Mikael Svensson foto
Anders Järkendal foto

ISBN 9789185815852
Utgiven Sept 2012
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Antal sidor 180
Format 250×225 mm


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NORTERHN LIGHT – FROM DAWN TO DUSK describes coastlines, forests, mountains, fields, cities, and towns that have been captured at all hours of the day throughout the year. It is a book of enchantingly lit images steeped in magic and fascinating stories that describe the typically ‘northern’ quality of light.

When the shutter opens the camera’s image sensor is bombarded with energy packets, or photons, which are in turn converted to electrical impulses, and the image is captured in the fraction of a second before it slams shut.

Life begins when a chlorophyll molecule inside a green leaf binds the energy emitted by the sun in chemical form by absorbing a quantum of the light. The solar energy flows through a complex web of plants, herbivores, predators and decomposers causing cells to divide, muscles to move and eyes to see.

Light is the beginning of Everything.